The Cure CBD Oil For Pet 30ml 2000mg

$329.00 $299.00


The Cure CBD Oil For Pet 30ml 2000mg

(6 customer reviews)

$329.00 $299.00


The Cure Premium Pure Organic Full Spectrum CBD Cannabis Oil in MCT Oil For Pet:

  • Size: 30ml glass drop bottle.
  • CBD level: 2000mg.
  • Flavour: Natural.

Guaranteed CBD Content of 2000mg Whole Plant Full Spectrum Extract.
Made in Australia.
Hemp oil infused in Coconut MCT oil.
THC Percentage < 0.3%.
Product contains: Premium Full Spectrum Extract CBD hemp oil, Premium MCT coconut oil and Premium Lecithin oil.
Values: Organic , Gluten-Free ,Kosher ,GMO-Free ,Vegan Friendly, Peanut-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Herbicide-Free, Pesticide-Free
Box not included and glass bottle may be a different colour. User Instruction will be sent with product
Free Standard Shipping within Australia (Express Shipping Option Available For $9.9)

What Do Customers use The Cure CBD Oil For Pets For?

  • Provides PAIN RELIEF a moderate amount or a lot.
  • Provides NERVOUS SYSTEM SUPPORT a moderate amount or a lot.
  • Helps RELIEVE SEIZURES OR CONVULSIONS a moderate amount or a lot.
  • REDUCED INFLAMMATION a moderate amount or a lot.
  • AIDS SLEEP a moderate amount or a lot.
  • Helps RELIEVE ANXIETY a moderate amount or a lot.
  • Helps REDUCE VOMITING OR NAUSEA a moderate amount or a lot.
  • Helps MUSCLE SPASMS a moderate amount or a lot.
  • INHIBITED CELL GROWTH IN TUMORS / CANCER CELLS a moderate amount or a lot.
  • DIGESTIVE TRACT PROBLEMS a moderate amount or a lot.
  • THUNDERSTORM OR FIREWORKS PHOBIA a moderate amount or a lot.
  • SKIN CONDITIONS a moderate amount or a lot.

6 reviews for The Cure CBD Oil For Pet 30ml 2000mg

  1. Nick

    The Dog Say ” Thanks”….. The cure save Her Life…….

  2. James

    got this for my dog after she had ccl/acl surgery she was on codiene for pain when that ran out i used this cbd tincture. she was stiff and limping but after i gave her the oil by mouth and rubbed a few drops on her leg she was up and around moving … better and is able to sleep at night .

  3. Stanley’s mum–Tracy

    My dog Stanley started having seizures at age 7. They were terrifying to watch. I started hearing other pet parents talk about CBD Oil as a possible way to lessen the seizures. As a Mom there is nothing i wouldn’t try to save Stanley and myself from… going through another seizure. I researched online different pet CBD oils and decided to go with The Cure .Stanley has been on this product for about a year now. It brings tears to my eyes to say NO MORE SEIZURES! I can’t Thank you enough for making this product. Stanley and I will be Forever Grateful! I Love this product so much i want to become a Salesperson for this Company

  4. JIM

    I was going to send you guys an email but figured this would be more appropriate. We were sitting at the table at about 1am trying to figure out how to make my Rottweiler Rhodesian Ridgeback pup Tina, more comfortable while we were trying to get her… used to her new seizure medication Keppra. It made her terribly sick and it was sad to watch. But we found you guys and noticed you had a 2000 mg bottle which is what we needed for a 90lb moose of a pup. Honestly, your product is the only thing that made her last 3 weeks bearable because it wasn’t epilepsy but a massive clot in her head that eventually turned to a massive aneurysm. You helped my pup relax when nothing else could make it happen and for that I thank you very much

  5. Bryan

    Had friend suggest for dog. Great recommendation, he love!

  6. Frank

    Have tried many CBD pet products, by far the best. Great competitive price too.

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